Inspiring Learning

Inspiring learning outcomes

With each Kingswood adventure, you have the opportunity to select up to three of our suggested learning outcomes, which enable us to tailor our activity sessions to maximise their impact for your group.

We are committed to helping schools, youth groups and individuals get the most from our residential programmes, and we are raising the bar to provide the very best outdoor learning experiences. We believe that by working in partnership with schools and teachers we can create life changing adventures that have a measurable impact back in school, helping to influence the futures of thousands of young people every year.

Team work


Problem solving


Leading and supporting

Challenge and risk

Self confidence


Environmental awareness

Learning a skill

Plan, do, review

We have linked what we do to a simple model that communicates how we work – we call it ‘inspiring learning outcomes’. Using this model we can provide a framework to help teachers and students make the most of their experience.


When planning a residential, we recommend you consider and discuss with our specialists about:

  • how the residential fits into the school curriculum and the learning objectives
  • what are you hoping to achieve as a result of your stay
  • how we could help you design the most effective residential programme for your group
  • what pre-work you could do to prepare your young people for their experience
Buggy building
Buggy building


As you arrive for your adventure, consider and speak to our expert team about:

  • whether your needs have changed or developed since you planned your programme
  • how you will assess the learning that is taking place
  • the tools that you could use during the residential to record the learning taking place and how you can make the most of the support offered by our on centre specialists


Following your residential, consider and speak to your dedicated customer service consultant about:

  • what changes you can observe in class, or how can you demonstrate that learning has taken place in your youth work programme
  • planning your next residential, taking the best of your recent stay and building on the success of your experience for next time, to ensure that each residential adventure you experience with Kingswood gets even better every time
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RS23820 130621 kngswd 0060