Inspiring Learning

Brilliant residentials and their impact on children, young people and schools

As a result of working over five years with partner schools, Learning Away, developed by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has begun to understand what high-quality residential learning means, and have coined the phrase 'brilliant residentials' to describe these experiences.

Since 2009 Learning Away has been working closely with sixty primary, secondary and special education schools to demonstrate the positive impact that high-quality residential learning can have on learner engagement and achievement, on peer and teacher student relationships, and on the powerful professional development opportunities it can provide for staff.

79% of secondary students indicated that the residential had made them realise that what they learn at school is important to them

60% of secondary students felt that following their residential they had a better understanding of what they were trying to learn

From one of the schools studied, 61% of the students achieved higher than their predicted grade, compared to 21% who did not attend

65% of secondary students said their teachers had a better understanding of how they liked to learn and 84% said they got on better with other pupils

87% of secondary students said that following their residential they feel that they are more confident to try new things

82% of secondary students said that it helped them realise they could get on with people from other classes or schools

Following the residential there was a 67% increase in the number of students who felt that they could be a role model

67% of KS2 pupils said they found it easier to make new friends as a result of their residential experience

78% of staff involved felt that it had a ‘significant’ or ‘transformative’ impact on their understanding of their students’ strengths and limitations

You can download the summary report here, which includes everything you need to make the case for, plan, deliver and evaluate the impact of brilliant residentials.