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5 Skills Your Child Will Learn at Summer Camp

Kingswood Summer Camps are the perfect place for young explorers to spend their summer holidays. Not only will they have the chance to push their boundaries and try new activities, Kingswood Summer Camps gives young people the opportunity meet new people and make new friends. Our Summer Camps offer an extensive range of activities suitable for 8 to 17 year olds, and a short stay at one of our various locations across the United Kingdom will provide your child with these 5 skills:

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1. How To Overcome Challenges

Kingswood Summer Camps are fantastic for teaching young people how to overcome challenges as they are pushed out of their comfort zones to try new activities, such as our leap of faith, Nightline and caving. We encourage children to try new things and push their own boundaries, but we will always hold their safety and wellbeing as our highest priority. We often find that, in pushing your children out of their comfort zones, and teaching them to overcome challenges, they become more confident as they gain an awareness of their potential for success.

2. How to Work With Others

Not only will your child have the opportunity to make new friends at our Kingswood Summer Camps, they will also learn how to work with the new people they meet to complete their activities. Some of our activities, such as problem-solving, raft building and laser quest, depend upon good communication and team work. Groups will have shared goals and will need to give one another constructive advice to be able to reach that goal.

3. Independence

For many children, Kingswood Summer Camps are their first time away from home, and we believe that they are one of the best ways for them to establish a sense of independence. Our Summer Camps are so fun-packed and filled with activities that they will be desperate to come back next year, and will have so much to tell you about when they get home.

4. Decision Making

As parents, it is normal to make decisions on behalf of your child, however, a holiday spent at a Kingswood Summer Camp can provide your child with the confidence to begin to cultivate this crucial life skill for themselves. Whether your child is choosing which activities they want to do, which materials they will use in the Scrapheap Challenge, or even what they want to eat for dinner, this will all contribute to your child’s ability to make decisions for themselves.

5. How to Persevere

There is an endless amount of fun to be had at Kingswood Summer Camps, but much of this fun comes from the sense of achievement and accomplishment that your children feel at the end of each activity, which has been achieved through a combination of hard work and perseverance. This means that your child will see the value of hard work, determination and perseverance, even in times where they may have felt like giving up.

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