Inspiring Learning

Welcome to the Inspiring Learning Foundation newsletter, summer 2018. For those who I’m yet to meet, I am Inspiring Learning’s (fairly) new CEO, Tim Gibson. I love what the business stands for: inspiring young people and enabling them to develop skills in teamwork, leadership and independence, and I am extremely proud to share our latest company news with you.

The Inspiring Learning family consists of brands including Kingswood, Kingswood Camps and Camp Beaumont, which you may be familiar with. We are very much ‘one team’ here and work towards a common goal of positively influencing the lives of today’s young people.

Through the Inspiring Learning Foundation news, we are detailing the latest initiatives we have in place to improve a young person’s experience, the environment at our centres, and supporting local communities. 

This year, we have made big steps forward with safeguarding and our new Speak Up, Speak Out campaign, and are delighted to welcome our specialist safeguarding manager, Sophie to the team. 

Our focus as always is on creating the best possible environment for our guests and team - caring about our environment and ensuring what we do is sustainable for future guests is a priority.

I would love to personally receive any feedback you may have about the Inspiring Learning Foundation news, please email me here. <>

Tim Gibson, CEO