Inspiring Learning

How young people learn outside the classroom at Kingswood

Learning outside the classroom is an alternative way of engaging and inspiring young people, using places outside of the classroom environment for teaching. The goal is to encourage young people to venture outside of the classroom, and to provide them with new and exciting ways to learn and develop as human beings.

At Kingswood, we believe that learning is most effective when it’s fun. As such, all of our outdoor activities are tailor-made to encourage the development of key social and personal skills.

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As a method of inspiring pupils to learn, learning outside of the classroom has been proven to increase attainment, improve behaviour and to foster greater engagement with the learning process, particularly with those pupils who can find it difficult to focus in the classroom.

By taking pupils out of the traditional classroom environment and off to the adventure filled, fun-packed environment of a Kingswood residential, pupils are encouraged to bond with one another, to challenge themselves and to be adventurous, helping shy pupils to come out of their shell, and the easily-distracted to focus on activities which young people naturally find engaging.


A Kingswood adventure provides a taste of independence, and the inspiration to achieve academically, through experiential education and non-academic teaching methods. The Kingswood experience endows pupils with the confidence to realise their individual potential, which we hope will endure throughout their school life and remain with them as they enter the world at large, broadening their horizons and encouraging them to be the very best they can be.

We offer a wide range of challenging and engaging indoor and outdoor activity sessions, which will ensure that your pupils are kept active throughout their stay. Through a combination of dynamic daytime activities and stimulating evening sessions we strive to make your pupils’ Kingswood experience as impactful and fun as possible.

A tailored learning experience

At Kingswood we work in partnership with you to create the perfect outdoor learning experience for you and your class. Understanding your objectives and delivering upon the learning goals of your class is our number one priority, which is why we employ a dedicated team to work alongside you to help tailor your Kingswood adventure.

Our team will complement your educational objectives with our own range of special interest areas and specific curriculum linked programmes, ensuring your class are treated to an outdoor learning experience they will remember. Everything we do is underpinned by your objectives, and each adventure activity will be designed specifically to deliver on your designed learning outcomes.

About Kingswood

Kingswood are one of the UK’s most experienced providers of outdoor education. Founded over 30 years ago, we run over 1.2 million activity sessions each year, and welcome over 165,000 young people from more than 40 countries around the world annually.

As well as being founding members of the British Activity Providers Association (BAPA), we are accredited by other agencies, such as the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL), Adventuremark and the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, plus many activity National Governing Bodies.

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

All of our Kingswood centres are accredited by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, having been awarded the Quality Badge again for our educational visits. The LOtC Quality Badge combines for the first time learning and safety into one easily recognisable badge for all organisations providing learning outside the classroom experiences.

The LOtC Quality Badge is awarded by CLOtC, the national voice for Learning Outside the Classroom. CLOtC also provides free online guidance and information for teachers on how to plan and organise high quality activities. The LOtC Quality Badge is designed to make it easier for teachers to identify providers of quality educational visits and organisations will display the LOtC Quality Badge as a signal to schools that their venue has met required standards, so teachers do not need to carry out their own risk or quality assessments.

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