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Safe as standard! Our commitment to safeguarding

It goes without saying, but for over thirty years, the safety of our visitors has been at the centre of everything we do at Inspiring Learning. 

As well as regular internal inspections, we work closely with outside experts to ensure our activities are safe, our facilities are maintained, and our health and safety regulations are adhered to or exceeded. Kingswood works with the NSPCC in implementing best practice procedures for child care and child protection.

RS49332 130705 kngswd staffs 0904
RS49332 130705 kngswd staffs 0904

Our commitment to safeguarding

Inspiring Learning  creates and maintains an inspiring and adventurous environment that allows us to improve the lives of young people, whilst protecting them from harm.

Our National Safeguarding Manager

We have a dedicated Safeguarding Manager, Sophie Rahim, who provides specialist oversight, governance and support and provides assistance to our on-centre safeguarding leads.

She helps to ensure helps to ensure we have sector leading training and standards for all our employees.

Robust recruitment policies

We have a clear recruitment, induction and training strategy. We follow safer recruitment best practice and are bench-marked against national standards.

All new staff complete safeguarding training during their induction, have a probationary review within the third month of employment and will then be observed and appraised at regular intervals throughout their period of employment.

Specialist Safeguarding Trainers

We employ designated safeguarding trainers, and we have committed to having Designated Safeguarding Leads to provide 24 hour cover. You can find details of who these are for your centre on our Safeguarding information board. There are a minimum of three Designated Safeguarding Leads on each of our centres. We also have an overall company safeguarding lead and deputy safeguarding lead.

Speak Up Speak Out

Our ‘Speak Up Speak Out’ logos appear on the badges of all of our trained team members. Our campaign posters can be found around our centres. We actively encourage young people to voice any concerns and to never be afraid to ask for help.

If anyone has concerns about anyone else's wellbeing or safety whether at one of our centres or camps or elsewhere, whilst guests are in our care we encourage openness, we're qualified to listen and we encourage expression - we can either help them seek an appropriate route or point them in the right direction for assistance.

Speakup speakout
Speakup speakout