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Our purpose is to create life changing adventures.

We're proud of our unmatched portfolio of locations and activities which positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people and adults every year.

Our enviable reputation and experience has been gained over decades of award winning delivery across the UK. We are now increasingly global; with established locations in Europe, whilst also rapidly expanding across Asia and beyond.

Everything we do is centred on creating meaningful, dynamic, joyful and tangible outcomes. Our impactful provision ranges from holiday day camps to residential school trips, accredited apprenticeships and employee development to whole team customer service training and consultancy for the holiday sector.

We're passionate about the power of the outdoors

Our unique family of brands deliver innovative, transformative education for people of all ages and backgrounds. Progressively challenging, shared adventures empower individuals and groups to learn and master new skills imperative of all performance, resilience and well-being. This ‘challenge by choice’ experiential process underpins our core philosophy and purpose – to unlock potential in every individual by building positive, adaptive skill sets which support well-being, enabling employability and social mobility.

Evidence-based contemporary adventure education is embedded throughout all of our provision. Our growth-oriented philosophies ignite a passion for learning and empower individuals to make personalised judgements of risk-taking, building positive, adaptive skill sets which support well-being, employability and social mobility. To maximise opportunities for the transfer of skills into real-life, we use research-informed practices to build sustainable learning outcomes.

Did you know that receiving positive reinforcement from a meaningful person, such as a teacher or peer, has 10 times more positive impact

on a young person’s self-efficacy than feedback from other sources?  Throughout our school programmes we actively encourage the collaboration of teachers, talk the language of schools, andalign our practices to curriculum learning to enable youngsters to become educated, resilient risk-takers.

Did you know that the human brain becomes more attentive and resilient and restored in settings such as the outdoors

which engage of all our senses than those environments which are uniform and predictive? We ensure that our outdoor adventure learning is responsive to enquiring minds, providing emotionally stimulating experiences such a laughter, incredulity and even mild apprehension to generate learning that can be recalled and reflected upon later.

Did you know that outdoor adventure programmes designed to support vulnerable groups have significantly more impact than non-outdoor programmes?

when it comes to improving psychological well-being and participants' ability to self-regulate their behaviours. The inclusive, depth and breadth of our provision ensures that we can design our programmes to meet the needs of a range of participants.

Meet the people behind the adventures

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Alex Williamson


Senior Leadership Team

Andy Marsden

Chief Commercial Officer

Senior Leadership Team

Ellie Websdell

Executive Director, In2action

Senior Leadership Team

Guy Chadwell

Executive Director, Camp Beaumont Global

Senior Leadership Team

Jof Gaughan

President, Camp Beaumont Asia

Senior Leadership Team

Lauren Pethybridge

Director of Residential Centres

Senior Leadership Team

Richard Thomas

Executive Director, Skern Group

Senior Leadership Team

Shelley Davison

People Director

Senior Leadership Team

Tom Champion


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