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Case study: Tui

Where it all started.

Back in 2004, In2action embarked on what would be a hugely successful partnership with TUI. Initially working on their First Choice Holidays brand to create an innovative ‘Holiday Villages’ concept that differentiated the product delivery of action-packed experiences for all the family. Over the course of 17 years, we went on to design market-leading programmes for teams in Lapland, hotels, airports, kids clubs, and head offices.

Delivering exceptional experiences

As a full-service training and leisure provider, In2action were able to design and implement a 360 degree, end-to-end provision for TUI, delivered in five key stages:
1. Situational analysis and auditing of operating-environments, processes,
procedures and resources
2. Designing industry-leading premium family concepts which differentiated First
Choice from competitors
3. Managing the recruitment and training of over 350 quality candidates each year
4. Delivering transformational training to teams company-wide
5. Providing in-depth operational support and auditing for continuous

Designing training programmes and facilitating leisure provision

In partnership with TUI, we created a premium family leisure concept and blueprint that fully-integrated their brand values and personality. The leisure provision developed included innovation in kids clubs, crèche facilities, teen’s programmes and family activities with adventurous land, water and air-based activities for all ages.

High-impact activities aren’t often accessible in family holiday environments, but we aimed to differentiate TUI from the off-set. As a full-service provider, we designed and built programme content that covered all aspects of delivery including, equipment purchase, safety management systems and
interactive session plans. Once our premium family leisure concept and blueprint were complete, our teams set-up resorts and implemented the activity provision at all sites. We went on to deliver interactive training programmes across over 20 hotels and all business functions.

Our primary focus was training TUI’s resort teams, who were responsible for ‘customers experiences’ with duties spread over their holiday, which included: meeting guests at the airport, accompanying them back to the hotel, organising check-ins, welcome meetings, and dealing with any issues. A large part of in-resort training was also focused on family activity and childcare programmes, and significantly improving their delivery.

Our unique and dynamic training style and approach is centred-around appealing to human instincts and emotion.

We then focus on how each team member could achieve the very best customer outcomes; covering in detail personal qualities, language and style, as well as, teaching tangible skills that can be applied straight away. All training is then tied together with anchors used as take-away reminders of key messages that are specific to brand values and an individual’s role.

Our training outcomes and continuous improvement

Over a six month operating season and across 12 resorts, we achieved or exceeded the
customer service target of 92%. The ‘Holiday Village’ concept that we designed had the highest guest return rate out of all First Choice products, and was consistently high scoring for customer service scores.

Customer response was also fantastic, achieving on-target customer scores year on year; which
took TUI from an average of 80% to over 92%. To help TUI achieve targets and the best feedback, we provided regular in-depth operating support which included; opening visits, audits, guidance, and 24/7 phone support.

"I can wholeheartedly recommend In2action both as a first class adventure activity and childcare provider and also as a provider of excellent service training which goes above and beyond that of competitors. They are great to do business with and a lot of fun.” - Luke Gaskins, Head of Hotel Concepts, TUI

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