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Camp Beaumont expands across Asia

Camp Beaumont, an award-winning school holiday camp provider in the UK, part of leading outdoor learning and education specialist, Inspiring Learning, has expanded into Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore this year.

The Group has hosted over 440 children this summer and autumn, delivering class-leading, inspirational childcare during the school holidays. The expansion builds on Camp Beaumont’s presence in the UK, as well as in Hong Kong, where it partners with international schools to offer bespoke outdoor education programmes for secondary school children, as well as running its holiday camps at seven locations across the city.

Conducted entirely in English, Camp Beaumont programmes encourage children to get outdoors and learn new lifeskills, whilst also focusing on helping children with science, technology, engineering, and maths learning (STEM). The growing socio-economic strength of South-East Asia has contributed to parents’ surging aspirations for their children, meaning extra education in English, exposure to Western culture and skills and learning development opportunities which help higher academic performance are becoming highly sought after.

Following the success of its launch in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Camp Beaumont is also looking to launch in Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

Andy Marsden, President of Inspiring Learning Asia, commented: “We’re delighted to have successfullyexpanded our camps to Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. We have seen real tangible benefits for children across the UK who have learnt to be more adaptable and change to situations around them, and it is great to bring this to Asia. We have designed our programmes to make sure they are fit for the geographical climate, as well as the needs of parents across the world. We’ve had some brilliant uptake so far with word spreading far enough that we even had one parent coming on holiday from the North of Thailand to Bangkok so their children could attend a camp.”

Having launched its Kingswood brand in China back in 2016, Inspiring Learning has deep knowledge of the Asian market, regional educational preferences, and cultural differences. Prior to launching its brands in new locations, the team carries out an extensive due diligence programme, including thorough research of the schools in which they will operate and their associations to ensure best practice and compliance with allregulations, including visa processes and safeguarding protocols.

Feedback from parents included:

“I could see my daughter gaining her confidence back afterlockdown – every day she told me about the different games & challenges.” Parent, Alice Smith school, Kuala Lumpur


“It’s our favourite camp among the camps that we went to before. We hope we could come again during next school holiday.” Parent, Wellington College, Bangkok

“Thank you for making Malvern a second home to Michaelduring this Summer holiday. He hardly wants to come home nowadays. Thank you for making summer a fun time!” Parent, Malvern College, Hong Kong


With a growing profile in the UK,following several acquisitions this year, including the Ultimate AdventureCentre in North Devon, Inspiring Learning’s international plans includ eexpanding operations in South-East Asia, launching in Vietnam, whilst looking ahead to opportunities in India.

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